Donovan Media Development Center

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Applying Creativity and Experience to Your Project

Need to raise funds for your organization?
Want to get your message across to customers, clients, and donors?
Would a Public Service Announcement help?
Need guidance in organizing and budgeting a media project? We offer individual consultation, and also group workshops in project organization and budgeting. That may be all you need to complete a DIY production successfully.

Sometimes all it takes to make sense of the tangled media web is a fresh set of eyes or a skilled set of hands.

The Donovan Media Development Center is an excellent resource for fresh ideas, skilled professionals, and high tech media tools, and your projects help train the media professionals of tomorrow by providing real-world experiences for Lynchburg College students.

We take the time to listen to you, learn what your needs are, and help you to define and refine messages that work to meet your goals. We are sensitive to the importance of support in a tough economic environment.

The Center is housed within the School of Communication and the Arts at Lynchburg College, and we have a strong commitment to educating the rising media producers within our programs of study.

Contact Information

Bill Noel, Director