The Lynchburg College art collection began with the purchase of a few original prints for use as teaching aids. From this beginning, Lynchburg College has assembled a collection that includes works by Virginia folk artist Queena Dillard Stovall, works by Lynchburg artist Georgia Morgan, African art, photographs by Andy Warhol, and works on paper by American and European artists.

A major addition to the collection was a gift from Martha Randolph Daura in 1989 of 150 works by her father, Pierre Daura. Since then, she has donated many works by Pierre Daura, Louise Blair Daura, Jean Hélion, and others. The Daura Gallery maintains archival collections comprised of research and reference materials and/or works of art that provide material for study and research and give depth of the Gallery’s overall holdings.

For more information about the Daura Gallery, email or call 434.544.8349.

Contributions to the Daura Gallery

Should you wish to make a gift of funds or works of art to the Lynchburg College collection, please contact the director, Barbara Rothermel, or Gene Frantz, vice president for planned giving. Gifts or bequests to the Gallery, whether works of art or money, are essential to the development of programs and collections. Contributions are tax deductible within IRS guidelines.

Please keep in mind that any acquisitions to the collection will be in accordance with the Collections Policy and shall be weighed primarily in terms of their artistic merit. An acquisitions utility for teaching shall also be considered. The Daura Gallery reserves the right to the final decision regarding acquisitions.