Watershed Management

Included in watershed management is the assessment of the current conditions, the projection of future land use changes and the analysis of potential effects these changes will have on the environmental health of the watershed. Information is gathered and analyzed using various software tools.

In accordance with the Chesapeake Bay 2000 Agreement, objectives are defined with recommended measurable activities. The intent is to develop plans and objectives to preserve and conserve areas not yet impacted, to slow degradation of watershed natural resources in urbanizing areas and to lessen the projected impact of continued development.

A Watershed Plan represents a long term commitment to preserve and protect the natural resources of a watershed. It is a critical step in protecting the environment, by increasing concern and awareness among citizens and building strong partnerships to improve and maintain a healthy environment across the political jurisdictions.

Watershed plans promote and support community-based efforts in preserving natural resources while preserving property rights within the watershed, and promoting watershed awareness, appreciation and active stewardship among residents, community associations and businesses for maintaining a healthy environment.

The Blackwater Creek Watershed Management Plan is based upon the findings of recent comprehensive scientific studies of the environmental health of the Blackwater Creek watershed. The Blackwater Creek Watershed Management Plan will be used as a model for other watershed plans in Central Virginia.

Map of Blackwater Creek watershed