Teacher Workshops

Rebecca Booth explains a concept to participants during a workshop
Director Rebecca Booth, left, works with teachers at a Center for Economic Education workshop

We offer SOL-Compliant Economic Education workshops for K-12 teachers.

Teachers from Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell counties, and Lynchburg City participate FREE thanks to the financial partnership support from each school division and grant money from the Virginia Council on Economic Education.

Other teachers will be charged a $50 fee to cover a portion of the workshop expenses. (Discounts are available for multiple participants.) Private School Economic Education Association memberships are available.

Contact Rebecca Booth, director, for more details: , 434.544.8791.

Upcoming Workshops

Summer 2015

Personal Finance Institute (9-12 grade teachers)

Lynchburg College – Schewel 207
June 22-26, 2015
8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

This institute is designed for teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of personal finance topics. It will be particularly helpful for those teaching economics and personal finance. Detailed content instruction and methodology will be covered for most of the personal finance topics included in the new Economics & Personal Finance SOLs and competencies including banking, credit, consumer rights and responsibilities, insurance, taxes, and financial planning. Content instruction will be delivered by experts from the various fields. Participants will receive curricula for use in the classroom Teachers will also take the W!SE Financial Literacy test and have the opportunity to earn this Teacher Certification at no charge.

To help ensure that one of the limited seats is taken and then not used, your registration is not complete until a check payable to VCEE for a $75 refundable deposit is received by the Center for Economic Education at Lynchburg College. The deposit will be returned uncashed after you complete the institute. Mail the check to Center for Economic Education at Lynchburg College, 1501 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24501. Participants will receive a number of resources for use in the classroom including a Virtual Economics Version 4.0 flash drive with over 1,400 activity-based lessons searchable by grade and topic, 51 key economic concepts, and a glossary with over 500 terms. ($110 value). Refreshments will be provided.
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Mini-Economy: Creating a Classroom Economic Experience (grades 3-5)

Lynchburg College – Schewel 207
July 13-15, 2015
8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

The Mini-Economy program is an experienced based program used to teach concepts of entrepreneurship, economics, and government in a classroom setting. By immersing themselves in a classroom economy, your students will understand their role in the global marketplace giving them a crucial advantage as they move through the upper grades and ultimately enter the workforce. These activities tap into the boundless creativity of young students. On top of invaluable teamwork and negotiation skills, your students will explore new territory when they apply for jobs, run businesses, pay taxes, and make investments.

You’ll have a time-tested template that makes setting up your classroom economy simple. Your students will master essential economics principles while getting cross-curricular exposure to math, reading and writing. We will conduct a classroom market on Day 3 of our training. Each participant is asked to bring a good or service to sell. Simple and inexpensive is the focus. Items in past classes have included guess-the-beans-in-the-jar, fresh tomatoes from the home garden, book marks, etc. Each participant that attends all three days of training will receive a $50 stipend to help off-set any expenses due to preparing for the classroom market.
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Fall 2015

The Stock Market Game Program

Lynchburg College – Schewel 134
September 17, 2015
4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Learn how to make playing the Stock Market Game a valuable educational tool for both teachers and students! It’s a fun, hands-on experience that increases academic motivation through a challenging classroom competition. Students’ participation instills an understanding of the fundamentals of saving and investing and helps teach many basic academic skills such as math and research in exciting ways. Participants will learn how the stock market works and its role in the economy. Independent studies have shown that student involvement with the Stock Market Game is particularly good in raising math test scores for upper elementary and middle school students. It is also particularly well-suited for students learning many of the SOL in the high school economics and personal finance course. No prior knowledge of the stock market is necessary.
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Registration Procedures

All teachers should register using the above links or by accessing the Virginia Council on Economic Education website (www.vcee.org), clicking “Teacher Workshops” and selecting “Lynchburg College” as the “Sponsoring Center for Economic Education.” Next “Search,” then “Register” (located in blue bar beneath workshop description). Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Extra Incentives

  • All workshops are SOL-compliant.
  • Each participant will take home a collection of ready-to-use lessons and/or curriculum unit.
  • Certificates of completion will be awarded for recertification points, as approved by each school division.
  • Food and drink will be served at every workshop!


Click here for turn by turn directions to campus.

To Schewel Hall

  • On Lakeside Drive (221N), pass Lynchburg College’s main entrance on the right.
  • Take the first right at the first light.
  • Take the next right onto College Drive.
  • Take a right onto Vernon Street at the top of the hill.
  • Schewel Hall is the three-story brick building straight ahead (beside the Chapel and attached to library).

To Brewer Townhouse 1 – Large Meeting Room

  • Off Lakeside Drive (221N), enter through Lynchburg College’s main entrance on the right.
  • Take the first right.
  • Continue past dorms toward Wake Field House.
  • Park in the large parking area before Wake Field.
  • Walk down the incline. Enter the building to the left of the Pavilion. Enter lowest level of building.