Roles and Responsibilities

CBR projects are very different than conventional research. In CBR, the relationship formed between the community and college partners is multi-faceted, collaborative, and sometimes long-term.

Community Partners

  • Generate the basic idea for the research.
  • Desire to participate directly in the research process.
  • Provide resources in time, energy, access to the population, and previous studies.
  • Develop specific plans to use research study results for program improvement, generating funds, community education, etc.
  • Agree to share research results with funders, focus groups or learning events at LC, in CCDSJ materials, and in the community at large.

Faculty & Students

  • Desire to be research partners with and to learn from the community partner.
  • Build the project around what the community partner identifies as its need.
  • Provide expertise, explain the research process, and share responsibility for research design, data collection, and application.
  • Work with the College’s Internal Review Board (IRB) to receive approval when necessary.
  • Prepare final report (with executive summary) and present it to community partners.
  • Share research results with funders, the community at large, and as cited in CCDSJ materials.

Center for Community Development and Social Justice (CCDSJ)

  • Conduct interviews and facilitate the “match” between partners.
  • Make roles and responsibilities and CBR principles clear to partners.
  • Approve and oversee project budgets.
  • Report results to external funders.