Older Dominion Partnership

Beard Center director Denise Scruggs is a member of the Older Dominion Partnership (ODP), a non-profit initiative by Virginia businesses, government, foundations, and non-profits to help Virginia ride the age wave: the doubling of the Commonwealth’s 65+ year old population from 900,000 today to over 1.8 million by 2030.

The ODP was created in 2007 by a cross-section of community leaders including business leaders, health system executives, executive directors of non-profit organizations serving Virginia’s aging population, leaders from Virginia’s philanthropic community, esteemed academicians from Virginia’s universities, and state government officials.

The ODP serves as an inspiration, catalyst, and independent platform for networking, collaborating, planning, and potential funding partner for ODP members. The overarching goals of the ODP are to 1) build awareness of the coming age wave and its potential impact on the commonwealth; 2) broaden stakeholders who want to prepare for this demographic shift; 3) help facilitate the creation and advancement of a community-driven, overall strategy to accelerate Virginia’s age wave preparedness; 4) support ODP members through strategic coordination and possible alignment of funding sources; and 5) document and report on Virginia’s progress in preparing for the age wave.

As a member of the ODP, Denise serves as a member on the Community Readiness Group, one of four groups addressing specific areas of preparation for the age wave. Other groups focus on civic engagement, development of a shared database, financial readiness, and health care and long-term care.