Academic & Community Centers

The centers of Lynchburg College involve our academic community with the broader community.

Beard Center on Aging at Lynchburg College

Engaging faculty, staff, students and the community in initiatives that promote successful aging and increase understanding of aging throughout life

Center for Community Development and Social Justice

Conducting social research, educating the community on issues of justice, and engaging students, faculty, staff, and citizens in asset development activities within the city’s neighborhoods

Claytor Nature Study Center

Hosting varied environmental education programs for Lynchburg College and the broader community on the 470-acre preserve

Center for Family Studies and Educational Advancement

Helping graduate students and teachers provide parents with the means to positively discipline and encourage their children to help them succeed at school and in life, and to enhancing local and college educational programs

Center for Professional Communication

Provides affordable, interactive seminars to the College and business community to assist in advancing clear communication strategies and techniques

Walter G. Mason Center for Business Development and Economic Education

Promoting regional economic growth, education, and organizational development through customized workshops, learning forums, and business seminars

Center for Economic Education

Providing learning opportunities for regional educators for the inclusion of economic principles in the curriculum; a collaborative program with the Virginia Council for Economic Education

Donovan Media Development Center

Developing electronic and print media for campus- and community-based organizations; students, faculty and staff work together on projects

Daura Gallery

The Daura Gallery hosts temporary exhibits, workshops and lectures throughout the year. The permanent collection features works by many Virginia artists and Pierre Daura, for whom the gallery is named