The LC Academic Experience

Whatever your intended career goal may be, the LC experience will help you to look inside yourself to discover and to develop your own unique talents and abilities!

The academic experience at Lynchburg College is thoroughly grounded in the liberal arts. The liberal arts and sciences provide the broad knowledge base that allows graduates to participate in the conversations of life. They help students develop the skills that mark a person as educated, including the ability to think critically, to argue with discernment, to reason quantitatively and to speak and write effectively.

Nearly 40 major programs reinforce these skills through depth of preparation in various academic and professional disciplines. Motivated students often choose to complete a double major or a major and an accompanying minor.

Students who accept an invitation to join the Westover Honors Program become part of a learning community that provides a powerful set of opportunities for academically gifted and talented students to engage in challenging curricular and co-curricular activities. Westover Honor students live in a common area as first-year students and study together throughout their college years, forging bonds that extend well beyond the four years at the College.

Courses that bear the LCSR - Lynchburg College Symposium Readings - designation foster critical thinking by engaging students in conversation with the best minds of the past, allowing them to understand various approaches to the great problems of human society and teaching them to craft arguments through reading, speaking and writing. All LC students take our unique Senior Symposium - a one semester senior-year course based on "great books" and "great issues."

Learning communities form an important part of the LC experience. You may choose a "linked course" experience in which students are enrolled simultaneously in two courses whose instructors work to integrate the material covered in the two courses. Or, you may choose to participate in a residence-based learning community, in which students who intend to major in closely linked areas live and study together.

The College encourages students to participate in its study abroad opportunities. The possibilities range from week-long travel courses offered in the winter term between semesters or over spring break to more substantial summer travel experiences to the possibility of a semester or a year abroad. The College also strongly encourages students to participate in internships related to major programs, as well as in courses that emphasize service learning.

Lynchburg College also provides an outstanding array of academic support services, many of which are delivered through the curriculum as courses. Freshmen enroll in the Freshman Success Seminar, a series of experiences designed to ease the transition into college life. Other support courses offer Study Strategies and Career Development.