Recycling Made Easy

Recyclable materials are now being collected in mixed bins. It can’t get much easier!

You can put the following items in any recycling container on campus:

  • Mixed paper
  • Mixed plastic #1-7
  • Aluminum/steel

Please do not put dirty items in the recycling bins. If the plastic is coated in ice cream or the cardboard in pizza, wash it first or just throw it away.

All items are taken to Faculty Drive and collected by a recycling firm that sorts the items.

Specialized recycling

  • All toner cartridges and batteries (AA,AAA,C,D, 9V, etc.) can be recycled. You may send them to Doug Thomasey via campus mail or drop them off at his mailbox on the second floor of Hobbs.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like a recycling bin, please contact