Personal Web Pages

Lynchburg College allows its employees and students to establish personal Web pages, subject to resource limitations. These pages will not require prior approval of content, but the College reserves the right to remove the pages for any reason. By virtue of using the College network, the owner of personal pages agrees to permanently remove them if requested by the College to do so.

Personal Web pages will be removed from the College network when a student graduates or an employee terminates all formal relationships with the College.

Personal Web pages which are accessible by the general public must display the following disclaimer:

This web page and its content and opinions are the sole responsibility of [your name]. Lynchburg College is not responsible for the content or opinions found on this page.

Put files for your personal Web pages on the P: drive on your computer. In order for your personal pages to be visible on the Internet, contact ITR (extension 8350) so that they can set up the address and permissions.