Logo Usage/Colors

Official Colors

Pantone Matching System (PMS) is an inventory of inks used by printers worldwide. The PMS colors below are the official colors for Lynchburg College.




Warm Gray 6

College Logo

The official Lynchburg College logo is acceptable in two design versions only (as shown). Design modifications are not permitted, and the logo should not be used on the same page as another College icon, such as the hornet mascot or seal rendering.

The logo should appear on all official College publications. Official College letterhead, envelopes, and business cards must be printed using the two-color version.

The logo may also be printed in a solid color, but when the two-color version is used, it should appear only in black and the College red.

Seal Rendition

The seal rendition may be used freely on College publications and novelty items, and may be printed in any color of choice. If the seal rendition is printed in red, it should be matched to our official PMS 200 color whenever possible.

Official Seal

The official seal of Lynchburg College is to be used only on official documents such as formal invitations, ceremonial documents (diplomas, honorary degrees), and honors and awards.

If you have questions about appropriate usage, contact Deborah Blanchard, 434.544.8664 or Blanchard.D@lynchburg.edu.


Hornet Mascot

The LC Hornet is not an official College logo and is primarily identified with the athletics program. Always “facing right,” the Hornet may be printed in any single color of choice but if it appears in a two-color version, the College red and black/gray is the color combination to be used. Variations on these Hornet colors are subject to a meeting with CCM.

Any College athletic program, division, School/program, office, or student group interested in utilizing the Hornet (in print or electronic format) should contact CCM (434.544.8325) to determine appropriate ways to do so.

The Hornet may not be modified in any way, including additions or removals of portions of the logo. The mascot should never appear as an official logo on College publications.


2 colors:
PMS 200, Black


PMS 200