What Does "Sustainable" Mean?

A sustainable lifestyle is one that:

Respects and supports all living things

  • Upholds universal human rights
  • Maintains economic and social justice
  • Insists on a culture of peace
  • Can be continued indefinitely

Come visit LC's new community bike project!

The Bike Shack is a fully-equipped, no- or low-cost bike repair shop and the hub of a bicycle renaissance at Lynchburg College.

  • Bring in your broken bike and have it repaired by trained mechanics
  • Bring in your broken bike and learn how to fix it yourself
  • Bring in an old bike to donate (or we'll come pick it up)
  • Work on repairing a donated bike and make it your own

There are lots of options and they all lead to you pedaling around campus and town. It's good for you and good for our planet.

Location and hours: In the parking lot behind 335 College St. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. during the school year.

Red Goes Green

Check out our sustainability blog.

Get on the bus

Lynchburg College provides free bus passes to all students, faculty, and staff. During the 2012-13 academic year, the LC community boarded the bus more than 12,000 times. Check out our handy guide to riding the bus.

Save energy

The College has made great progress on its energy and water use with a 43 percent reduction in carbon emissions. Check out our energy upgrades and remember to conserve.

Trayless in the cafeteria

LC has chosen not to use trays in the College's dining room. This is saving energy by reducing:

  • water and detergents to wash trays
  • food waste
  • tray replacement

Want to get involved?

Contact Dr. Kevin Peterson at